Another hot tub on deck question

I'm building a deck with the intention of hopefully putting a hot tub on it at some point in the future. That may or may not happen but I'd like to try and plan for it.

Deck is 16' X 24'. I have 4 concrete tubes poured 13' out from the house. They are set in about a foot on each end so the spacing on the tubes/posts will be 7-8'. The first spacing where I plan to put the hot tub is 7'.

I measured a bunch of hot tubs this weekend and many were 7 X 7 which works out well.

Planning to use 2 X 10 joists 16" OC. Beam is 2- 2 X 12's and the ledger board is a 2 X 12. I was thinking I'd double up the 2 X 10 joists where the hot tub would be.

My concern is if that is strong enough and if the ledger board/joist hangers can support it at the house? The tub would be within a few feet of the house. I'm using treated lumber from Menards.

What could I do to help the situation short of pouring more concrete?

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