How close to the deck edge

by Mike
(Ottawa, Canada)

Placement of post anchor detail

Placement of post anchor detail

I am using the Titan Post Anchor and I'd like to maximize my floor area by placing the railing posts as close to the edge of deck without sacrificing strength.

I plan to put vertical 2X blocking under the overhanging parts of the decking as well as conventional blocking. A picture is worth a thousand words so see the drawing for a better view.

Is is permissible to place the outermost screws 3/4" from the edge so the screw goes into the center of the outer blocking piece?

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Jul 06, 2013
This will work fine.
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Yes it is fine if you ensure that the outermost screw of the base of the post anchor is aligned in the middle of the 2x8 rim joist as you have shown.

The critical aspect to this so that the resulting railing is installed to meet our engineered code compliance guidelines is that the screws that go into the deck are fully embedded into the wood blocking, joists or substrate below.

The screws we have used for our engineering testing program are 1/4 x3" long. This can be either a #14x3 screw or a 1/4x3" hex head lag screw.

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