Levelling a Post on a Concrete Surface with Gasket Kit

by Dave Colquhoun
(London, UK)

How would you level a post on a concrete surface with the gasket kit while using the Titan Post Anchor?

Would you place a shim (washer) between the gasket and the white plastic spacer (on the bolt) or; between the rubber gasket and the concrete base?

If the washer shim was placed as shown in the demonstration video for a wood deck)would there still be enough pressure on the rubber gasket at the shimmed side to form a watertight seal?

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Feb 25, 2009
Thinner Shims for Gasket Kit
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

That is a good idea to try to source thinner shims as an option for the gasket kits. I would want to test this however to be sure it works as intended.

Feb 25, 2009
Using Shims with Gasket Kit
by: dave colquhoun

It may be an idea to supply some short shims or plastic washers (2-3mm) that can be added extra to one side of the anchor to attain the raised height needed. Thanks very much for your comments. I will be placing an order as soon as I have measured up!

Feb 24, 2009
Leveling a Post With Gasket Kit
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Leveling a post with a gasket kit is a bit more involved than when attaching without a gasket.

When leveling the post on a standard wood surface, experience has taught me that shims (washers) are often not even required. Although you will see that I have used them before in videos and in some explanations.

It's just that I have found after many installations that a wood surface is soft enough to allow one to simply tighten the fasteners a bit more on one side of the anchor - just enough to pull the post into perfect alignment.

Now, gaskets are only ever required if you want a waterproof seal around the fastener entry points. That could be appropriate for waterproof deck surfaces or it could also apply for concrete installations where there is a freeze/thaw climate that could cause the concrete to crack over time.

In direct response to your question I must confess I have not seriously tried to tackle this problem. But I do know that for the rubber material to function as a water seal there must be strong pressure completely encircling the entry point into the deck surface.

Therefore I would think your best bet would be to lay down the rubber gasket, then a shim (washer) over the hole and then the nylon spacer over the shim (and hole). This configuration would ensure that the rubber receives constant pressure precisely at the entry point on the concrete. And there is constant pressure against the spacer and the shim.

I am not certain this would be absolutely fail proof as it might be vulnerable to standing water that rose higher than the meeting point between the shim and the bottom of the nylon spacer and there it might find its way into the fastener cavity thus allowing entry into the hole.

This is all theory though because I have not tried it. But I hope this helps. Thanks for the great question.

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