Sealing Galvanized Nail Fasteners Heads in Decking

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I have completed a hardwood deck fixed with galvanized decking nails.

I have heard that hairspray over the tops of the galvanized nails and fasteners improves their durability from rust. Any ideas?

I will be sealing the deck with an oil based stain.

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Jan 16, 2010
Fasteners Staining on Cedar and Other Deck Boards
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

I have never heard of sealing fastener heads as you suggest although I suppose it might work for awhile. But eventually the seal will wear off.

Common steel and electroplated fasteners will cause staining with cedar and I am not sure about other species of woods like the exotic hardwoods. But if the hardwoods chemical make up is similar to cedar then it would stand to reason the risk of staining is the same.

It is the iron in the steel fasteners that reacts with the chemicals in the cedar. Even electroplated fasteners will stain because the plating it quite thin, usually not much more than 1 or 2 thousandths of an inch.

So you need a heavily hot dip galvanized fastener to keep the iron in the fastener and the chemicals in the wood from mixing and causing staining.

Or the long term solution is to use stainless steel screws and nails.

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