Titan 6x6 Post Anchor with 20' Posts

by Anonymous

Can I use the Titan 6 x 6 post anchor on post height of 16 to 20 foot post?

Editor's Comments

The 6x6 Titan Post Anchor can certainly be used as a support post anchor for compression and also tension or uplift loads. However, it should not be relied upon for lateral load resistance for 20' tall posts.

You should rely upon the beams and ceiling joists or walls between posts to provide the lateral or sheer resistance. This is common with all post support brackets.

Also this assumes you are considering using the anchor for a pole barn or some similar structure. The compression loads tests results are huge for the 6x6 post anchor. Based on three samples tests the first sign of base deflection was observed at 23,000 lbs, 30,000 lbs and 34,000 lbs.

One last thing to consider is that you should apply wood preservative to the bottom cut ends of the posts as the base is only 5/8" high, not 1".

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