2x4 Deck rails connected to 4x4 posts?

by Steve

Our deck railing was made from pre-fab 6 foot sections of 1x1 spaced about 5" on center. The top and bottom are 2x4.

The "guy" who build our deck so it could pass inspection so we could buy our house, just toe-nailed these sections in to the 4x4 posts.

Some are pretty loose and most are ugly.

Can you recommend alternative ways to secure these type of sections to the posts. I was thinking of drilling a two 1/4 holes through the 4x4 straight through on top of each other and a matching set of 1/4 holes in each end of the railing. Passing through to connect would be a dowel or metal rust proof rod.

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Apr 11, 2011
There are some connectors on the market
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

Thanks for your question. It?s a bit hard to understand but I think I got it. You would like to find a better way to connect your 2x4 top and bottom rail members to the 4x4 posts?

You have come up with a fairly intricate way of doing it and I won't tell you it won't work but I think there are simpler systems on the market.

The easiest one I can think of are the high density molded nylon rail connectors that you see by companies like Deckorators. I also sell a metal rail connector on our site as well. These are probably your best options.

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