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Summer 2013

An Update on 2015 IRC Building Code Committee Hearings

Find out what was discussed. What was approved or disapproved. How these proposals will effect you as a builder or homeowner.

Spring 2013

Editorial, by Richard Bergman

In this editorial Richard goes back to basics after a long cold winter. Foundations, footings, footing connections, ground anchor systems and new building code proposals for the 2015 IRC.

A Quick Review Of How To Build Proper Concrete Footings

There is no better time than now to go over the five different ways you can build traditional concrete piers and footings for your deck. See how to make them frost heave proof.

Non-Traditional Foundation Solutions For Decks

From engineered helical piers set to certain depth and torque ratings to deck blocks to everything in between. Richard explains how they all work and when you might prefer one over the other.

Spike Or Screw Your Footings Into The Ground

There are ways of using spikes and helical piers with load plates so that they actually function as a load distribution system for floating decks or structures not connected to a superstructure (ie. a house). See how they work.

Forms That Store Flat And Fold Into Shape

Imagine if you could fold up all those huge bulky round cardboard concrete forms. Well, some did imagine and then actually did it! Check this out. You will love this.

Connecting Support Posts To Piers

A critical part of any deck is the connection between the support post and the concrete pier. Here are some common and not so common, but very beautiful ways to do it.

Code Proposals for 2015

What are the changes to the residential building codes being discussed now? You will want to know whether you are a home owner or a builder. Which ones are likely to be accepted and which ones are meeting opposition? Find out.

Summer 2012

Editorial, by Richard Bergman

In this editorial Richard talks about spring clean up tips, proper deck framing for railing posts to joists, and new deck stair tread protectors.

How to Frame Railing Posts Against Joists Properly

In this article, Richard explains how to frame a railing post into virtually any kind of deck frame situation.

Reviving Old Deck Stair Treads

There are some simple and affordable ways to save and extend the life of old stair treads or just make new stairs last longer and be safer to use.

Summer 2011

Editorial, by Richard Bergman

In this editorial Richard talks about innovations in deck design

What Decking Material to Choose?, by Bill Nezbeth

In this guest article, Bill Nezbeth talks about some old and exciting new options

Building a Picture Frame Border

Simple techniques to make a stunning visual improvement to any deck

Spring 2011

Editorial, by Richard Bergman

In this editorial Richard talks about succesful job bidding, new tools and some simple construction tips.

Bidding for Profit, by Andrew York

In this guest article, Andrew York talks about money things

Make Deck Construction Easier with Specialized Tools, An Industry Review

Richard reviews some deck board straightening tools

Avoid Water Damage, Building Tips

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