What Deck Materials Are Available Today?

The selection of deck materials today will literally amaze you.

Paver stones as a decking material

Your choices have never been greater - or more difficult. In fact, there are so many options you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

So where do you begin as you start to design, plan and build your deck?

Don't worry.

I'll talk about the different types of decking - soft wood, hardwood, composite, aluminum, vinyl, synthetic and pressure treated.

Then I'll cover fasteners, connectors and basically anything you use to build a deck with. 

Let's Get Started

This is where you can come to review pretty much every one of the major building materials available. You'll also learn about waterproofing and coating solutions and alternative structural building materials that you may not have heard of.

Decking Surface Materials


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Traditional cedar lumber decking

Exotic Hardwoods

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Ipe hardwood surface


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Composite decking in herring bone layout

Capped Composite

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Boards closeup

Composite & Code

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Residential Building Code

Fire Resistance Ratings

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Fire resistance ratings


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Sitting area for dinner


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Sunset overlooking pond

Pressure Treated

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A typical pressure treated decking surface


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Boards to be graded

Anatomy of Logs

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Stone decking over wood framing

Caring For Bamboo

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Caring for deck boards

What's Our Pick?

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Hardwoods that are more affordable

Fasteners & Hardware

Hidden Fasteners

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Clips to secure boards

Under Deck Track

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Fastener track

Screw Fasteners

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Coarse wood screws


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Post to beam connector

Post Anchors

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Compression post base support

Ground Anchors

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Footing anchor for light structures

Rail to Post Connectors

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Rail to Post Connectors

What Will You Build Your Deck With?

Let's face it, a lot of that will depend on the budget you are working with...

...and if money is tight then the best material for deck boards is likely pressure treated lumber. 

If you read up on each of the various topics you should now have a very broad understanding of the the latest deck materials available today and be in a position of knowledge to make the right choice for you.

If there are any new deck materials not discussed that you would like us to look into please contact us.

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