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Real experience - real knowledge

If you're thinking of building a deck or doing something to improve your backyard space, you are in the right place.

We have real construction experience - over twenty years.

Hundreds of decks (and even custom homes) later, we are here to share a wealth of knowledge with you to help you on your deck building journey.

We have even developed and brought new innovative building products to market - that solve problems people everywhere face on the job site.

Pay It Forward

You get to dig into our growing body of content from building tips, techniques, and videos to real projects built by other builders so you can build a better deck.

It's free. We feel good knowing it will help people.

Learn about virtually every aspect of how to build a deck.

Find Builders - Find Clients

Once you are done learning what you were interested in, why not search the builder database and see if there is someone near you.

Or, if you are a builder, why not get your profile and work photos up to show off what you do so well. Learn more.

Builders sign up to show your work. Homeowners sign up to contact Builders directly.

Get The Products You Want

And to make sure you get the look you want. 

Go check out our growing store chock full of many, if not all, of the most beautiful deck building productsaccessories, and finishings that the industry has to offer.

DecksGo Store for the best selection online!

About The Editor

Richard Bergman

Rich started his first contracting company at age 21 but began swinging a hammer much earlier than that and comes from a family of builders and engineers.

He shares his first-hand experience from job sites. He is a creative force and innovator of building products, and he loves to help people build and design to their true potential.

back in 2004...

How We Started

Back in 2004, we launched our site, knowing very little about the web. We started out as Ideas For Deck Designs and grew both content and visitors.

Full of the excitement of sharing our experience with homeowners like you who wanted to learn more so they could either do it themselves or have the knowledge to hire the right builder - we pressed on.

During that time, we continued to build decks - and some homes - and even brought some patented products to market.

So we know of what we speak! For those of you interested in building your own successful website, find out how we did it.

we are decksgo

It Kind Of Says It All

Don't you think?

We are not a huge corporation or owned by some global media conglomerate whose mission is world domination.

As a result, you'll get a perspective that is unique among most of the sites you will find. We are just trying to be the glue that brings together...

Homeowners, Builders, Knowledge and Products.

And lastly, thanks to the people who have made a difference for me.



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