How To Deck Building Videos

Are you an aspiring deck builder? Enjoy these how to videos.

We start off with a few design tips for you to consider while you are still in the planning stage.  Then there are some suggestions to think of when you are building certain parts of your deck.  It's by no means exhaustive but we do hope there are a couple tips here than help out.

Design Tips

Mistakes To Avoid From The Beginning

Three Simple Design Tips

Building Tips

Notching 6x6 Support Posts

Bracing Posts And Beams

Beginner Installing A Post Anchor

Pulling Down A Bowed Joist

Crooked Starter Board

Bent Last Board

Stair Stringer First Cut

Stair Stringer Second Cut

Fence Posts On Concrete

Protecting Joists And Spacing Boards


We also have some podcast interviews with inventors of interesting building products.

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