The Deck Devil™ does everything the other deck board straightener tools do and much, much more!

It's simple to use and extremely versatile. It straightens the toughest deck boards - Ipe or Composite - whatever - with absolute precision and it can take on a ton of other tasks too!

Let me tell you how it works.

How Does the Deck Devil Work? 

The Deck Devil™ was designed and developed by a deck building contractor for other builders - just like you!

It's a compact telescopic clamping device that attaches to any hand held drill (3/8" chuck size or larger) that pulls or pushes - practically anything - anywhere!

It's hot dip galvanized to handle the abuse it's going to get and powder coated in a distinctive red color.  So there's no doubt your Deck Devil™ will be easy to find when it's time to get the job done!

By relying on the principle of the screw, it requires no more effort than the pull of your finger to get over a thousand pounds of force.

At only 14" long and weighing less than 3 lbs it's astonishing to think of the power and control in your hands.

Just attach it to your cordless variable speed drill and set it down on the decking and let it do the work.

It uses a heavy duty internal threaded rod that moves an internal piston tube in or out.

The slim but strong pulling claw can fit into narrow gaps and it is secured to the piston arm with a clevis stud and cotter pin that allows for 360 degree rotation.

Whether you have access from the front or backside of a board doesn't matter because the Deck Devil™ pulls or pushes - practically anything, anywhere!

Boards, joists, plywood, beams... It just doesn't matter!

The Deck Devil™ can do it.


  • Increase your efficiency by at least 50%
  • Work hands free and straighten any board from any direction
  • No more brute force needed
  • Seriously reduce the chance of getting injuries on the job
  • Keep more money in your pocket instead of buying a bunch of supplementary tools

It's unlike anything else on the market!

It's Truly Unlike Any Other Product On The Market

With the Deck Devil™ you can push or pull crooked boards that are in tight spaces -- like near the wall of a house -- unlike other tools that allow only one direction to access.

Seriously, if there was one tool you could own that would effortlessly do the work of two or three other deck board tools, and at a fraction of the cost, this is it!


Deck boards are rarely straight and they're tough to force into line - even tougher if you're using any composite or exotic hardwoods.

Even if you try to select only the straightest boards you will always end up with boards that aren't straight.

They need to be moved into precise alignment to maintain a perfect 1/8" or 1/4" spacing.

Whether boards are close to parallel, or perpendicular to a wall, the Deck Devil™ is at right at home!

guarantee you've never seen anything like this. The Deck Devil™ is the one and only deck board tool you'll ever need or want.

As a builder you know first hand the wasted time, materials, hassle and difficulty of quickly and easily straightening deck boards.

What about the other Tools on the Market? 

Virtually all of the tools available today use a cam and long lever.

A cam is kind of like an oblong circle that converts circular motion to linear movement against whatever it contacts.

You can see what I mean in this diagram.

When you add a lever (which is used to multiply input force) to the cam you have a basic tool.

The lever and the cam together, give you a mechanical advantage making it easier to move the board using your own muscle power.

It's simple and effective but limits you to a single task.  There are more complicated and more expensive lever and ratchet designs--but again they are very task specific. For example, you need room to swing the arm but as you get closer to the house there isn't always enough space.

They work for one job and one job only!

Yes, the other tools available are definitely an improvement over the one handed manoeuvre required with a chisel, but they are all still lacking in many other ways when compared to the Deck Devil™.

Yes, I know many of you are saying...
"There already are Tools that straighten deck boards. What's different about this one?"

But don't just take my word for it, check out how the Deck Devil™measures up to other deck board straightener products on the market!

The Deck Devil Does All Of This For You

Without a doubt, the Deck Devil™ packs the best bang for your buck!

And It Even Has A Built In Safety Mechanism

I didn't mention this yet because it's just a little thing - but it's just another example of the degree of thinking that went into the development of this tool.

If you pull the trigger too hard or too long there's a built in safety mechanism. It allows the rod to continue turning but it stops pulling so the tool doesn't spin and rip out of your hands which could hurt you and/or ruin the tool.

To reset the tool just hold it vertically with the piston pointing downwards and pull the trigger and it re-engages. Simple, but smart and safe.


And people just like YOU - Builders and DIY'ers - have found the Deck Devil™ invaluable for other common tasks that I never even thought of, such as:

  • Claw and clevis pin
  • Holding in place tough fascia boards around curved framing
  • Pushing large 4x8 tongue & groove sheeting together with ease
  • Remove decking boards jammed or stuck in awkward spots
  • Bringing joists into alignment
  • Lifting and holding beams at the precise height while you secure it
  • Pulling rim joists or band boards tight against joists
  • Installing boards into tight fitted trailer beds


"It really is the perfect tool for a deck builder."

Andrew York,

"The Deck Devil™ is a must-have tool for any deck builder."

"At first, I used it only to cinch in boards for proper spacing. I found it very helpful and the perfect solution for installing warped boards."

"Then, as I encountered other problems, I thought of the Deck Devil™ and used it successfully to solve many types of issues. It really is the perfect tool for a deck builder. I love that it is compact, easy to use, and helpful in many situations."

"...invaluable to me as a business owner... time management."

Bart Severin, DeckHeads, Val Caron, Ontario

"We have just wrapped up three decks since receiving the Deck Devil™. It was a pleasure to use this new tool. It gave me the ability to get stubborn deck boards to align with ease...."

"No more kicking into place, pulling into place, or waiting to have someone help you to straighten a deck board. That itself is invaluable to me as a business owner....time management."

As a builder, getting in and out of jobs faster, wasting less material, working more efficiently with less physical effort means a more profitable business.

As a homeowner working around the house, doing tough jobs with ease and simplicity means less time working and a better looking finished project.

Order Now!

Here are Five More Reasons Why the Deck Devil is the Best Board Straightener on the Market

1. Virtually All Other Tools Have To Clamp Over An Exposed Joist

I can hear you saying "SO WHAT?"   Well here's what.

Because other tools need an exposed joist to connect to, you need to have enough space in front or behind the board you are straightening in order to anchor the tool on the joist and do the one main task they were designed to do. No joist. No luck!

You're limited to open joist framing jobs only.

For example, you can't straighten boards on decks that have rubber roofing membrane draped over the joists to create under deck water drainage without damaging the rubber. Are you using hidden fastener tracks that secure to joists? Sorry, you're out of luck again. You will have to buy a special adapter for the other tools to work.

2. The Joist Clamp Often Slips - Right At The Worst Time

Another problem that people find out, after they have bought these tools, is that the clamp over the joist has to be tight and not slip because that is where all the leverage comes from on every single pull.  Well guess what?

Joist clamping devices often slip and move. This is a challenge for all board straighteners that have to connect to joists. Just check the Internet and see for yourself.

"So what?" might say again.

Well, when this happens it makes an already monotonous task even more annoying.  And when the only way the tool works is with that kind of a mechanism for every single application it can be a problem.

3. You Have To Buy Accessories For Other Tools

A lot of times you have to buy many different clamp sizes to fit different sizes of joists - single joists, double joists, and thicker rough sawn lumber.

You can't just buy that single tool and be ready to tackle any job. This costs you more money. Sometimes twice as much as the original tool!

4. You Can Only Access Boards From One Direction With Most Tools

These tools won't work in situations where you're close to the wall of a house, or the joists are doubled or tripled up - over or undersized for the joist clamp, or there are blocking pieces between joists that prevent the tool from being used in any case.

Again, that's because these tools rely on anchoring to an exposed joist from which to gain leverage.

5. You Need A Special Tool For Harder Woods

A common concern about the entry level cam style tools is they bend and twist when you use them with hardwoods or composite if the metal is not high grade. So you have to buy a more expensive tool specially designed for those materials and they cost up to $200!


No Need To Imagine. Check out All These Things You Will Be Able To Do with the Deck devil. 

Easily clamping a stiff composite fascia board around curved framing. It's a piece of cake!

Imagine easily setting a heavy 4x8 T&G sheet of flooring using our joist adapter and the pull of your finger!

Just another thing you can do with it.

What if you couldn't get access to a joist when you are installing a sheet of flooring like in this situation?

The Deck Devil™ is so versatile you can get into incredibly tight spots and actually push that heavy 4x8 sheet precisely into position.

How About This?

You have a bowed rim joist that won't sit flush or you just want to keep it from falling down and hold it in place against a joist.

The Deck Devil™ is your third hand!

And How About A Situation Like This?

You're working by yourself and you need to lift a beam ever so precisely as you level it out and set shims underneath it.

Not a problem with the Deck Devil™.

You can use an extender rod that slips into the telescopic arm and actually lifts hundreds of pounds with incredible accuracy and no sweat.

It's like having a third hand on a job site!

This board was jammed tight underneath a stair and couldn't be budged but the Deck Devil™ popped it free in a second.

And here is another really cool use.

Ever try jamming that final crooked 2x6 board into a trailer bed?

The rest of the boards are so stiff you can't budge them and getting force exactly where you need it to straighten that last board is practically impossible.

The Deck Devil™ does it with surgical like precision and ease!

And the Deck Devil™ won't damage soft rubber roofing membranes laid over joist work  because it does not need to grab a joist!

And because you don't have to grab hold of an exposed joist, the Deck Devil™ will work perfectly with hidden deck fastener tracks attached to joists.

Most of the other tools can't work in this kind of situation. They need special accessories. And that means more money.

Since the Deck Devil™ is lightweight, it even works in overhead situations like this.

We just flipped the piston tube over and a C clamp provided resistance for the back claw to push against.

This 1x6 T&G cedar paneling with bowed pieces proved to be no match.

And being overhead would have made it really tricky to try to straighten the board in this position.

Or pull it down flush onto a sill plate? Or pulling a stubborn deck board with an upward bow down onto a joist? The versatility of this tool is crazy!

The Deck Devil™ is truly an indispensable tool on any job site.

The Deck Devil™ was invented in order to do these common building tasks better than any previous tool on the market!

Don't waste another minute without the Deck Devil™ in your tool box! Order NOW!

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