Styles of Decks

Start thinking of the different styles of decks that appeal to you, your home and your climate.

Before you place that call to the lumber yard take a moment and consider the style of deck you want.

Multi level cedar deck an cascading stairs

But the look and feel can change drastically by simply switching materials from pressure treated to say cedar, composite, hardwood or vinyl.

The shape you choose affects how easy people can move around and which areas get used the most.

Or how should you design and build around water features like hot tubs or pools? Your choices matter.

Even a rooftop can become a cozy outdoor living space under the right circumstances.

Shapes & Levels & Material Types

Materials, shape, elevations and desired functions of your deck should dictate its own unique style.

Effects of material selection - Shape and Elevation - Waterproofed Deck Surfaces

Incorporating Spas and Pools - Create Liveable Shaded Decks

Have You Narrowed Down The Type Of Deck You Want?

Consider your deck an architectural extension of your home.

The styles of decks really do enhance or detract from the existing presentation of your home. So spend time getting this stage right.

The other section of this site that is equally important is the Planning & Design area.

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