What Are Your Options For Deck Railings Today?

How To Plan, Design, Build or Buy The Right Deck Railings

With more and more new materials, systems, construction methods and building code concerns, there's a lot riding on your choices.

Glass panels in cedar wood frame deck railing

Do you build your own? If so what are the best ways?

What about composite, aluminum, vinyl, or glass options? There is much more than wood railing to choose from.

These are your practical considerations.

Don't panic.

I will share with you virtually all there is to learn so you can build, and design yourself - or hire the right contractor so you can experience the visual and physical impact of a beautiful secure railing that accentuates your home.

Choose from these two topic groups that cover virtually every aspect of deck railing possibilities.

Style - Design - Materials

Rail & Post Ideas

Continuous rail, intermitting posts, different post sizes provide visual interest and balance. More...

Large and small rail posts

Design Tips Explained

A few quick suggestions to create the appearance and feel that best suits you and your home. More...

Designed post and rail detail


Some helpful building ideas for the most common material. More...

High wood deck and stairs


Composite systems work a bit differently but are durable and beautiful options today. More...

White composite railing sitting area


These rail systems are more like a skin that covers the structural members underneath. More...

A vinyl railing


By far the most durable, low maintence choice of any railing material. Style choices abound. More...

Narrow aluminum picket rail


A cable rail system offers exceptional views and a unique contemporary flare. More...

Wood posts and cable rail


Full sectional glass panels or 6" vertical spaced panels for aluminum and wood rails. More...

Cedar deck with glass balusters


Imagine the best of wood, aluminum and glass. It's possible today. More...

Glass panels and cedar with aluminum

Building - Construction

Height & Spacing

Continuous rail, intermitting posts, different post sizes provide visual interest and balance.Learn more...

Railing heights in USA

Load & Strength

A few quick suggestions to create the appearance and feel that best suits you and your home. Learn more...

Horizontal loads for guardrails

Framing Posts

See how to securely attach wood posts into framing for practically any situation. Learn more...

A wood deck with railing

Surface Mounting Posts

Setting posts into framing may not be possible or desirable in some cases. Learn more...

Low profile surface mounted post anchors

Stair Railing

Stairs need protection too. Here is some tips to point you in the right direction. Learn more...

Detailed newel posts

Baluster Quantity Calculator

Quickly figure out how many balusters you need for you job. Learn more...

Baluster quantity

Baluster Calculator

Railing sections can differ in size so balance out your balusters to make it less noticeable. Learn more...

Layout of baluster calculator

Railing Forum

Find some answers to many different questions right here.
Learn more...

Deck railing forum

What Kind of Deck Railings Will You Build?

There is a railing for every budget, skill level and taste.

We've discussed a lot of topics about building deck railings. You should feel pretty confident about what it takes to get the job done, make it look nice and last a long time.

But just in case there is something else you are looking for, there's more.

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If there are any new deck materials not discussed that you would like us to look into please contact us.

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