Affordable, Powerful Deck Design Software

What's the best software package for designing your deck or patio?

In my opinion, for builders or DIYers, you will get the best bang for your buck - by far - with the Punch Deck, Home and Landscape offerings.

But let me first review and point you to some great free tools that may help you and work just fine for your needs.

There has been a proliferation of FREE design tools

Recently there have been a number of software tools that are free to use.  Here are just a few:

  • BigHammer
  • Lowes
  • Better Homes & Gardens

Great For DIYers In Early Planning Stages

So if you are a DIYer and just want to get some ideas going and you are not at the stage of getting down to actual construction details, your best bet is probably to play around with some of these.  They will help you get your concepts clear.

FREE is pretty affordable...

Go play around with some of the free applications and you will find there are limitations.  Maybe you will never need more.  Fine.  You are taken care of.

So why even bother looking at anything else that costs more?

Well, maybe you are a DIYer with bigger ambition or a Builder on a budget,  If so, you will appreciate a tool that can do more.  Like detailed drawings, amazing 3d renderings and on it goes.

There are some very powerful tools available and they can can do some impressive things. Here is a good one:

  • DeckTools

But unless you are a professional building decks frequently I don't think you will use it often enough to learn and remember how to use it. So you aren't likely to ever get the true value and power out of them.

Just going to use it once?

Lot's of people fall into this category like a DIYer who has bigger ambitions and needs more that what the free programs will do. If that's the case you will want:

  • Short learning curve
  • Lot's of functionality
  • Low cost

Then Here is your best bet...

Punch Landscape, Deck And Patio v17

Easy To Learn - Affordable & Powerful!

So if the free stuff is not giving  you what you need and you only plan on using it once and you want lots of power the Punch offering is most certainly what will fill your needs.

And only $39?

It does so many things you would think you had bought a top of the line deck construction software.

  • Amazing renderings
  • Use QuickStart to create a plan with drag and drop
  • Photoview uses your own pictures for real views.

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