The Shadow rail connector™ belongs on your deck today

The Finest Decks Call For The Shadow Rail The Finest Hidden Fastener Rail Connector Simply Designed Elegant Appearance Tough. USA Polycarbonate

Now, with the Shadow Rail Connector™ you can enjoy the full beauty of a wood deck railing with the most elegant looking 2x4 rail to post connection there is. 

And better yet, it doesn't matter who you are. 

DIY'ers with minimal skill or PROs with years of expertise can achieve amazing results, faster and easier than ever.

Take the focus off of bulky crude connectors and fasteners and show off the clean lines and beauty of your railing - fastener free!

It's just become a whole lot easier for anyone - even if you don't have any carpentry experience -  to build the finest looking wood railings.

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Anyone can achieve these kinds of results.

Simplicity: Here Is how the shadow rail connector™ works



or watch the video

You can install the connectors with the male connector against the post or on the end of the 2x4 as shown in this video - it's up to you.

You can even pre-build railing sections and install them in one step.

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Elegance: Standing out from the Alternatives

When your craftsmanship is on display, use the slim, elegant Shadow Rail™ and your deck will stand out above all the rest.

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Why have a bigger, more visible bracket with fasteners showing when you can get rid of all that excess material?  Apply a dark stain or paint over the Shadow Rail™ and it looks like the 2x4 rail is "growing" right out of the post.

toughness: Extreme Performance

The Shadow Rail Connector™ is made of the highest quality USA poly carbonate.  This means you have a connector that can handle the UV rays and extreme temperatures that Mother Nature regularly dishes out.

The Shadow Rail Connector™ is all about precision.  It has been designed by Titan's sharpest engineering minds for tolerances of up to 1/10,000 of an inch. 

Although you will never know the level of precision just by looking at them, you sure will feel it when you slide the connectors together.  There's lots of play at the start to allow the parts to catch and align.  Then it just gets tighter and tighter until you feel it lock. 

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Note: Shown is one connector with fasteners.  Sold as a pack containing two complete connectors and all required ACQ compatible #10x2" fasteners.  Shorter #10x1-1/4" screws are for use on bottom rail if installed with Titan Post Anchor.

make your deck standout

Open and Clean

Cable Railing

6x6 and 4x4 Posts

4x4 Corner Post

Versatile: Installed Horizontally

On Bottom Rail

finally, a rail connector that over delivers in every sense

The Shadow Rail Connector™ is a DecksGo Recommended Product.  It's one that we are confident you will be happy with.  And if you are a bit of a patriot, you'll be happy to know this one is made right here in North America.

DecksGo was the first company to bring this product to the market.  And you can expect more great "first" moments like this. 

This is what we do - try to bring you leading edge building solutions before anyone else.

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