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Some of the lesser known topics about deck building are discussed here.

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How To Get Started Right

Check Out Actual Deck Jobs

Quick Tip Videos

Tools, Code, Footings, & Construction Tips

Tools: The Basics

What You Need For Digging
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Saw and Sanding Help
Drills and Other Cool Stuff
Basic Tools for Building

Footings & Foundations

Concrete Footing Sizes
Types of Foundation
Seven Foot Slope Rule
Spike Footing Systems
What Are Flatforms?

Costs of Building

Typical Costs to Build


Deck Board Tools

Board Bender
Deck Devil
Hardwood Board Tool
Hetra Power Tool

Code & Table References

Deck Vocabulary
IRC Code Basics For Decks
Proposals For Code Changes
Ontario Code Info
Beam Span Table
Joist Span Table
Deck Board Span Table
Support Posts Size Table
Tributary Footing Load Capacity
Calculating Load Per Post

Construction Tips

Building Techniques
How to Picture Frame a Deck
Fascia with Drip Edge
Framing to Reduce Decking Waste
Using Exterior Bamboo Decking
Belt and Suspenders Approach to Preserving Wood Posts

Deck Construction Projects

Real Deck Projects

Pick a Deck Construction Project 
Pergola Footings Without Digging

Simple Beginner Wood Deck Project

Cedar Deck for Beginners
Assessing Building Site
Creating Your Deck Design
Preparing Your Site
Footing Locations
Digging the Footings and Piers
Ledger Attachment
Setting the Beam Height
Framing the Deck
Railing Post Attachment
Installing the Fascia Board
Securing the Deck Boards
Building the Stairs
Installing the Railing

Vinyl Covered Deck Project

Steps of Installing Vinyl Deck Covering

Fireplace Project

The Beauty of An Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Waterproof Tile Deck Project

Waterproof Deck Tile Job
Build New Balcony Decks
Prepare Deck Surface
Install Cement Board
Installing Flashing Under Brick
Roll Out TileDek Membrane
Apply Adhesive for TileDek
Finish Wall Flashing Against Brick
Triple Welding Vinyl Seams
Welding Patches Around Columns
Apply the Bond Coat
Laying the Tiles
Installing Expansion Joints
Grouting the Tiles

Stone Paver on Wood Frame Deck Project

Building a Deck With Pavers
Framing for Stone Pavers
Install Grates for Deck Pavers
Building Stairs for Stone Treads
Cascading Silca Stair Case
Wood Frame Meets Pool Decking

"Quick Tip" Videos

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