2x6 x 1000... Hot tub

by Mike
(SW Ontario Canada)

I built a deck that has 6 beams that are roughly 48-56 inches between them - they sit on concrete filled silo tubes 36 + inches in the ground - each post is a pressure treated 5x5 (not 4x4 or 6x6).

the deck is about 22 feet x 21 feet.
I bought a bunch of wood through an auction - 5x5's and 2x6....

so -

for each beam i sistered and staggered (3 wide) 2x6 using 16d every 6 inch x3 both sides down each beam
each beam is attached to the post is sits directly on top of with sampson T ties both sides and 6" structural screws toe screwed through the beam into the post

Each post is cross braced between others

the joists are also 2x6 double @ 12" OC

I have 5/4 decking across the whole thing...

I am in a loamy area but the soil around the deck is chalked full of gravel and rock - every single hole I made for the 28+ post holes ...believe me.


I am putting an 84"x84" hot tub max full weight with water is 4800lbs

I ran some load calcs from decks.com and it seems fine for load -

Any comments out there... I thought I was over building the hell out it (except the 5/4 decking...)
comments welcome

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