3-foot privacy fence on brick

by Alex
(Los Angeles)

I'm thinking about using Titan Post Anchors for fence posts.

The fence will be 3 feet tall, privacy-style fence anchored onto a brick wall using Tapcons. Any thoughts on this type of application? Will this work?

Editor's Response:

The Titan post anchor is often used for securing or anchoring fence posts on concrete retaining walls and brick or stone surfaces.

At only 3' high this is just like a railing and the engineering for this is found in our testing reports based on the ASTM procedures set out by the ICC. To comply with that keep the posts at 6' spans maximum.

As the posts increase in height the post spacing should decrease. But if the fence is not functioning as a guardrail then the load requirements for a guardrail do not apply.

If you want to go to 6' height then the best anchor for that is the 6x6. Check our YouTube channel to see a great video of an installation on a retaining wall.

Bottom line is the post anchor will work well for this if you use concrete screws to anchor it. Only 4 needed, one in each corner and 1/4"x2-1/2" is fine. And the low profile base leaves a very clean look.

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