80 feet of snap lock balusters installed by first time DIY'er in michigan  

Michigan cedar deck with Snap Lock Balusters

How an ordinary diy'er with no prior experience, easily installed over 200 balusters in a weekend - and you can too.

Most DIY'ers do not tackle as big a job as this one.  But this homeowner was enthusiastic and was intrigued by the sideways installation technique of the Snap'n Lock Baluster™ system. 

If you have ever tried to install hollow metal balusters using bored holes in 2x4s or plastic plug systems you will really appreciated this story.  What you will recognize right away is that plug style systems are very finicky and you need an extra set of hands and lots of patience.

about the builder

Testimonial picture

Brian is from Michigan, and this expansive backyard deck needed over 80 feet of railing.  He chose the Snap'n Lock Baluster kits from DecksGo and made by Titan Building Products.

his time is precious

He has is an an ordinary guy - probably just like you - and only has so much free time to get things done around the house.  

Are you like Brian?

There is an immense amount of pride of ownership and accomplishment when you do a home improvement project like this. The average backyard deck is well within the means of most homeowners to tackle. 

But when you can add the final touches like the architectural ogee profile Snap'n Lock connectors and put it all together quickly by yourself, you are going to be a very happy person. 

And your family will thank you and appreciate the beauty of it as well.

Cedar deck stairs with Snap'n Lock Balusters

STair Balusters Snap in easily using wedge shaped adapters

Snap lock stair adapters close up

Do not fear tackling a stair case either. 

Separate wedge shaped stair adapters snap under the standard horizontal connectors and compensate for the angle of a common range of rise and run dimensions for residential decks.

watch Brian Snap them in place

This short video sums it up quite nicely.  This sideways method of installation is what makes it a one person job.  The common plug "top down" type systems are much trickier - to the point that you sometimes feel you are have to be human octopus to keep it all together. 

you can do this

We love to feature real customers that have use our products and voluntarily were kind enough to share their experience with us.  Hopefully this case study has helped you out. 

It's alright to feel excited. You should be because you can do this too.  Now go build that deck!

The Snap'n Lock Balusters™ are a DecksGo Recommended Product It's one that we are confident you will be happy with.  It's been tested to over 500# of infill load by Intertek.

DecksGo was the first company to bring this product to the market, and you can expect more great "first" moments like this. 

This is what we do - try to bring you leading edge building solutions before anyone else.

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