An SBI Review - How solo build it! has helped decksgo

Build a site that has a fighting chance of succeeding

If you have a goal of starting a website that is theme based and you hope to have a chance of success you are facing some very long odds - unless you use Solo Build It! or SBI as we commonly call it.

What is Solo Build It! you ask?

Well, simply put it is the most comprehensive, highest value, solo entrepreneur web site building and hosting service in the world.  If you are starting out on a shoe string you can put the odds of growing a seriously popular and successful website massively in your favor.

Or, you can buy a "get rich quick" web site in a box that shows you absolutely nothing about how to actually position your site, your theme, your content and get ready to be depressed. 

Be sure to ask for proof of their claims about how many of their clients site are in the top 1000 or even to 100,000 sites on the web.  That is the measure of performance.  What good is a nice looking site if the content misses the mark and nobody visits your site?

A personal message from rich bergman

"I started this site from a spare bedroom in June 2004 and grew it steadily every month and every year. Since then it has grown to the point where I get multiple thousands of unique visitors a day reading relevant, useful and very informative content that helps them design and build better looking, longer lasting backyard home improvement deck projects."

Since 2004, the internet has become even more complicated.  SBI clears the way. Ken Evoy and his team remove the noise and provide you with only the nuggets and most important summaries of every single technical development on the web. They then create world class tools which help you determine what ideas and content the world needs YOU to convey.  This is invaluable.

Do yourself a favor.  Use SBI to get your business pointing towards success from day one.

building a site does not mean traffic

There are too many "website in a box" re-sellers to mention.  Guarantees of building a web site in a few hours and then you are all set is just pure nonsense.

The most beautiful looking web page in the world does not mean you will even get a single visitor from organic search traffic. 

And if you not, do you have endlessly deep pockets to buy traffic?

planning for the content people want

Plan your site before you ever stake the first step.  If you are surfer or a kite-surfer and you are successful, you look at the weather forecasts to see where the wind and  waves are. You go there and get out in front of the waves and you ride all day long.

Only a fool paddles out in a flat, calm fishing pond expecting to ride the Big Kahuna. 

Building online business means you find where the traffic is and get in front of it with your own relevant message.

staying ahead of technology without headaches

The SBI team is dedicated to staying ahead of every new thing that comes along and teaches you what you need to know. It's the process of planning, tools, updating, guidance and support.  It's unreal. And it makes all the difference.

Things like industry leading keyword research tools that lead you on the right path from day one. Simple intuitive block building tools to make your site. Forums that are absolutely leading edge.

Why bother to tell you this?

Lately, it seems that civility and honesty have been thrown out the window by some companies. They actively lie and criticize their competitors in order to pull unsuspecting customers into their fold.  They have no track record of success.  And this can be measured.  Check out these examples of real success.

Whereas SBI has almost two decades of verifiable proof of helping people like you massively stack the odds of building a web site that succeeds and gets organic traffic.  There is no other metric that matters.

So it is particularly distasteful when we see aggressively dishonest attempts to lie and mislead well meaning people who are just starting out on their most noble entrepreneurial path in life.  That is why we wanted to tell you this.

When you conduct your research, beware of what you are reading.  Dig deeper.  Ask questions.  Ask for proof of success.

contact rich bergman directly if you wish

I am grateful to SBI over the years because I tried many other solutions for other business ideas which failed and were very expensive and had zero chance of success largely because of the lack of tools to plan a site properly in order to know if there was enough demand to ever support it.  

So if you are seriously thinking about building a site and you truly want it to have a fighting chance of success I would be happy to chat with you regarding my experience.

You can feel confident you are speaking to a real human being with a real business and real success.  It warms my heart when I see others succeed and it saddens me deeply when I see others try to make money by deceiving innocent hopeful people.  I am not making a penny from this referral.  So you be the judge.

Now go to SBI, dig in and start learning how Solo Build It! can be a critical step forward in your successful journey.

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