A Deck With a Roof and a Hot Tub Built In

by Bob Pope
(Chilliwack, BC)

Tub Set Into The Deck

Tub Set Into The Deck

Well, this one is maybe not the most beautiful of all the decks you have in your gallery but I did it myself and it has some nice features that I thought some of your visitors might like.

This deck has two levels, both fairly close to grade. But the higher level has a built in hot tub and then a low sloped roof over top.

We're on the west coast so it rains a lot and a roof is a good idea for the winter months when we want to sneak out for an evening soak in the tub and avoid the rain.

Also, because of the rain I used a 50 mil vinyl flooring material that waterproofed the deck nicely and makes for easy maintenance.

The only thing I would change is the railing posts. I wish I had used those Titan Post Anchors as I think they would have saved me a lot of headaches with all the notching and cutting fitting them into the joists. Also, I am concerned about the bases getting wet all year long and starting to rot.

But for a weekend carpenter I am pleased. Hope your visitors get some ideas from this.

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Aug 30, 2020
Accidents NEW
by: Les

How many have stepped or fallen on the spa cover? I see an accident waiting to happen.
How is the access to the service panel?

Feb 08, 2008
Pretty Good Work For a Novice
by: Dave

I'd have to say you did a pretty good job overall. But one thing I was hoping you would have explained was how the heck did you get the hot tub into the hole in the deck? Before or after the build?

The picture is nice but that explanation would have been great. Good job though Bob!

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