Building and Designing Above Ground Pool Decks

Good Function or Good Design?

Pressure treated wood pool deck

All above ground pool decks should do both.

So much of how you plan and build your deck depends on the site you have to work with.

First, the pool deck itself must offer easy access to as much of the pool as possible and be strong and stable.

This is a key consideration of decks for above ground pools because of the elevation above grade.

Second, the deck design should work well with the landscape, slopes, sun exposure and tie in nicely with the rest of the deck around the house, which usually there is.

Assessing Your Backyard

Pressure treated wood pool deck

Flat Grade Affects Your Options

This deck was built on a flat area and so had to be elevated well above the rest of the deck up against the side of the home.

The first floor of the house was much lower and so the other deck was on grade or just above it.

Here is a deck which was quite large. It included the pool and also a private hot tub area all into one well defined outdoor living space.

But A Sloped Grade Can Be Helpful

If the pool is set into a dug out area or you can take advantage of a natural slope in the land, you could be in luck.

A slope will allow you to build around the above ground decks in a way that can look very natural. You can come close to making the pool appear as if it were inground.

Work With The Landscape You Are Given

Lower deck area

Linking The Pool To The Home

Since the distance and elevation change between the house and the pool was so great, a walkway was built from the lower deck to the pool deck stairs.

Building one massive single level deck from the house to the above ground pool simply was not possible.

Many other sites are more favorable and allow you to build out over a pool set lower.

Transitioning From The House To Above Ground Pool Decks

Your backyard may be quite different than this particular home and may require different solutions to create the best deck possible.

Note how the hot tub area was incorporated into the overall scheme and how the deck transitions away from the house yet maintains a connection to the pool deck with the landscaped walkway.

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Safety Issues

Proper Access

Different Shapes of Above Ground Pool Decks

Calculating Angles

Laying Out Footings

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