The benefits Aluminum as Decking Material

Have you considered aluminum deck material as an option?

Aluminum is fast becoming a popular option for people who want a truly maintenance free surface for their deck.

This material is powder coated in various colors and there are now wood grain finishes that are shockingly real.

Never Touch Again - Rain Sleet Or Snow

Maybe a pressure wash to clear debris or remove sap or other sticky dirt. But that's about it.

Watertight, low maintenance and ready to last a lifetime

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Waterproof For Dry Underdeck Area

Often a dry underdeck area is desired.

There are many systems around that can do this but if you are using aluminum deck boards, most of them snap fit toghether giving you a perfectly water proof are under your deck.

There are trim pieces that cover end cuts and look very smart.

Low Level or Elevated Decks Look Good

Clean and contemporary low deck with aluminum decking material.

The trim pieces completely finish the appearance of the deck.

And the same is true for elevated decks or stair treads. They are all fastener free.

There are a number of reputable manufacturers that you can investigate further.

Check out these two:

Watertight, low maintenance and ready to last a lifetime

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Be sure to take note of the range of colors and also the new wood grain finishes.

What Will It Be For You?

This is a very intriguing product to consider for your new or renovated deck project.

So there you have it, a new alternative to wood decking. Aluminum deck material is a viable challenger to all the other materials.

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