Are Sleeve Anchors (expansion bots) Overkill?

I see the recommendation to secure the Titan Wood Post Anchors into concrete is concrete screws like tapcon or GRK. Is it overkill to use sleeve anchors to secure the posts into concrete block?

Editor's Comments

Yes it is overkill. You do not need to use a sleeve anchor with the Titan Wood Post Anchor in order to achieve greater performance. A sleeve anchor is so strong that if a post were subject to a destructive lateral load it would be torn off or crack at the bottom and the anchor would still be connected to the concrete surface.

For those of you wondering what a sleeve anchor is (sometimes called and expansion bolt also) here it is.

Sleeve anchors are also a bit more challenging to install with the Titan Wood Post Anchor because you must carefully set the anchor at the correct depth so that the threaded stud protrudes above the base of the post anchor at the correct height.

Whereas when you use a tapcon or GRK screw you drive the screw head down on the anchor and it is a cleaner appearance. If you use flat head tapcon or GRK screw, the head will be countersunk and sit flush with the surface of the anchor.

If would want to see some concrete fasteners we recommend theCaliburn concrete screws.

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