Awnings Or Canopies For Decks & Patios

There are some fantastic awnings for decks that have been developed over the last 5 years.

Retractable awnings or canopies with remote controls, beautiful colors and patterns to match your home. You name it, its available.

Imagine spending some big dollars on you outdoor home or deck renovation only to realize that it's just way too hot to ever spend any time on your deck. If you find yourself in that situation then you should consider the various options for awnings for decks.

One that I think offers exceptional value and quality is SunSetter.   They make retractable awnings.

Another great company that offers a unique retractable canopies is ShadeFX.

Shade From a retractable CAnopy or Awning Makes Your Deck Inviting

A well made awning will give you hours and even months of increased usage for your deck.

Whether it is really hot are even raining, you can have friends and family gather on your deck and enjoy the outdoors.

If you have large windows in front of your deck and especially if your deck faces south your air conditioner will be working overtime to compensate for all the solar heat. Protection from the sun over your deck will help mitigate this problem.

The beauty of a retractable shade system is that you don't have to go to the trouble of building a permanent roof structure. The retractable option gives you choice in both function and style depending on the weather.

An awning will attach to the side of the house whereas a canopy style system will typically be part of a structure like a pergola that is unattached to the home.  Each provide protection from the sun in different types of scenarios.

Family gathering on their deck
An awning over a series of windows

Where Can You Find A Good Awning or Canopy System?

I am continually searching the market for products that are the best in their class and will be updating these pages routinely. So far, however, one of the top manufacturers that I can suggest with confidence is Sunsetter Awnings.

They also happen to be one of the leading online retailers and can make your experience pleasant and hassle free.

For a pergola structure that requires shade to make the deck or patio fully useful, take a good look at ShadeFX.

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