Beam hanger for Concrete Deck Footing

by Bill

I cannot seem to find a deck "beam hanger" or structural connector that has "feet" that can be placed into the wet cement of a footer.

I can find that type of product meant for use with a support post, but there is no mention of using them for a beam. Although such hangers are suggested for low level decks in my deck building book, and there are photos of such hangers in that book.

I actually need two such structural connectors or beam hangers that will fit a 3" thick beam, and one that will fit a 4 1/2" thick beam. Does anyone know where I might find these and a manufacturer name?

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Jun 16, 2013
Send in some pictures of connectors
by: Reggie

My first question is what exactly are you trying to do as this does not sound like a very common building technique.

If you could upload a picture or image of the beam hanger or similar structural connectors then someone could see and know exactly what it is you are referring to and should be able to get you some help.

There are very simple U shaped brackets for various sizes of posts or beams and I would think since they are open on two sides, they could easily support a beam. But that is not a hanging style of connector.

Is this like a large joist hanger?

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