Could This Be The Best Deck Material Ever?

I am often asked what I think is the best deck material to use.

This is a very subjective question but one that I will share my opinion on.

You've learned about pressure treated lumber, softwoods, composites and hardwoods.

You understand the relative cost, appearance, feel, maintenance and life span of each.

From Pressure Treated To Ipe

Pressure treated lumber is the cheapest but requires lots of maintenance.

Ipe has virtually zero maintenance but is very expensive.

A deck using one of the best outdoor woods available

      Photo courtesy of Your Deck Company

The best deck material should satisfy a little of those contradictory desires; last longer, low maintenance but less expensive.

What If I Told You There This Is A Material Like That?

Kayu Batu Wood Decking

Of all the materials you can choose, I think Kayu is the best choice. And for many reasons.

  • Less expensive than Ipe - about the same as high end cedar or the highest quality composite decking
  • Beautiful natural coloring, soft to walk on
  • Lasts 25+ years without any staining   
  • It doesn't split or crack like pine or cedar

For the same amount of money you could buy perfectly clear cedar or the cap stock composite that is supposedly "guaranteed" for 25 years.

Kayu is an amazing outdoor wood

      Photo courtesy of Your Deck Company

But there is regular maintenance with cedar, and do you really want to take a chance on a warranty for a product that hasn't been around for 25 years?

Kayu is a proven performer.

When they say it will easily last 25 years it's because there are decks or outdoor structures that have.

Even if one of these new composite decks was still around in 25 years I would not bet my money on it looking as nice as a structure made of Kayu.

The Poor Man's Ipe?

I hate to use this expression but to sum it up simply, you are getting a super durable hardwood on the lower price end that performs almost to the same level and longevity as Ipe.

So that is why, if I had to pick a "best deck material" it would have to be this exotic hardwood. You may well think differently for different reasons. It is subjective.

For those interested in learning more about this amazing material, there are specialty suppliers of Kayu in North America. Here is one for you to check out.

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So there you go. A thoughtful (I hope) and reasoned argument in support of Kayu as the best decking material for both price and performance.

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