Best Solid Latex Stain For a Deck

by Travleur
(Chalfont, PA)

I have a deck with solid latex stain on top of it, it needs to be freshened up. I really would like to know what is the best solid latex stain for a deck.

The PT wood is in good shape, the current stain is in fair condition. The deck is well exposed to the sun and we do get snow in the winter (PA). I have a few questions:

1) This is my most important question. I would like to have a deck builder professional opinion about the best solid latex stain out there. Price is not an issue, I just want the best. Please provide a couple brands and models that has proven to be really good in your experience.

2) Some contractors do not recommend to stain the under side? What are your thoughts?

3) Is it better to have the stain sprayed or brushed?

4) Some contractors say 1 coat is enough for solid latex, others say two is best.

5) Is it recommended to prime first or does it depend on the stain used?

6) Is it OK to power wash the deck first?

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Jul 08, 2013
A few very important tips on staining decks
by: John

Here are a couple of thoughts for what it is worth regarding my experience staining. And I am sorry but I don't know what is the very best brand. It is very hard to tell. I just stick with the big known brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore etc.

Staining the underside may be suggested based on the practise that is often used for "sealing" boards in particular bamboo. Bamboo is supposed to be sealed on all six sides. But again that is for sealing the entire board to protect against water being wicked into the board.

Stain is a different material. It is supposed to soak into the wood and condition it and protect it from mold and premature rotting etc but it is not promoted as a total seal. So I am not so sure that a solid latex stain needs to be applied on all six side. But the manufacturer will have its recommendations.

The one best thing I can say from lots of experience doing it the wrong way is make sure you use one of those flat brushes that is designed just for applying deck stain. Do not use a regular paint brush or a roller. The stain goes on way way to thick and you have to apply very thin coats.

Also do not apply any stain in the direct sun. This is a hassle because you have to wait for the right day. Overcast and dry. Otherwise, believe me the stain will not adhere properly to the boards and will bubble up on the first hot day.

That is the one major piece of advice I can offer.

Priming does not seem to be necessary as none of the manufacturers recommend if you are staining fresh wood. Power washing can be problematic if you do it too hard and start to push up the wood fibers. I would be very careful about that.

I hope this helps a bit.

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