Blocking under the deck boards for Titan Post Anchor?

by Eric

My question is about putting blocking under the decking for the post anchor.

I have 2x6 cedar boards for my deck flooring. Will the anchor be strong enough just with the lag bolts itself, or do you recommend additional boards under the main 2x6 floor board.

I see you do for some composite decking. I just want to make sure there is plenty of support there.

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Jun 16, 2013
We recommend double 2x8 flat blocking in joist bay
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

Blocking between joists and under the deck boards is essential if you want the final installation to comply with our residential engineering guidelines. You can use a 2x6 but we most often use a 2x8 because it is a bit wider.

Screw the 2x8 flat between the joists with 3 #10x3.5" wood screws. Then the screws for the anchor will go through the 5/4" decking and into the 2x material of the blocking below. You may have to pre drill the holes for the deck screws going through composite and for sure if its hard wood or you risk snapping the heads of the fasteners.

Here is a quick video. Just keep in mind I used 2 flat 2x8s in this video and that is based on the way Intertek conducted their tests in the lab. So we recommend you stick to that method if you want to match the engineering reports.

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