Board Bender Board Straightener

Board Bender Board Straightener by Stanley

This is another simple, elegantly designed and well made tool.

It uses a joist gripper which fits a standard 2" joist width. It doesn't fit multiple laminated joists.

You lift up the arm and swivel it back towards you and the board is pulled into line.

Simple, fast.

They say it can be used hands free too. But the comments I found suggested some folks found this a bit tricky.

There is a fair amount of leverage on the hinge bolt but if that ever caused a problem you could easily replace it with a higher grade bolt.

No other accessories offered but again, it is limited to a simple task of pulling boards only.

This is a bare bones type tool. Very focused on the specific task. If this is all you need then it's a great deal at only $53. It fits into a tool box nicely.

The comments I found were great. The people that use it seem to really like it. And Stanley has great reputation for quality.  The product however seems to have been discontinued.

MSRP $53

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