Bottom Railing Ideas to Hide Uneven Balusters

by Aspiring Deck Builder

We have just replaced the railings on our old deck.

Actually there were no railings there at all - just that green mess screening that you use in the garden. So we replaced that with standard 2x2 balusters or pickets . (Is that the right word?)

Anyway, it was the first time we have done this and are using a handsaw. So while the top railings are pretty flush and will be covered anyway by the handrail, the bottom ends are a bit rough.

We did our best to make them flush with the bottom joist but you cannot always get it right and on mass it is obvious that they are not even. Also because we are using a handsaw, we did a straight 90 degrees and did not taper them at all.

What I am wondering is if we can put a piece of decking along the bottom line of the balusters that extends just below them so that this will cover the rough uneven edges and give a smooth finish.

I have held a bit of decking up. It does look a little odd, but it would be okay I think.

In your opinion what is best to do here.

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Feb 01, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you, yes you understood the situation exactly. Thanks for the confirmation.

Jan 31, 2010
Fixing Rough Cut 2x2 Balusters
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question about fixing the 2x2 rail balusters on your deck railing.

But hopefully I have understood your question as I will make the following suggestion based on my interpretation of your situation.

If one side of the bottoms of the 2x2 rail balusters are exposed, presumably because the other side of them mates or is screwed against a 2x4 bottom rail then I see no reason why you could not easily cut another 1x4 to the length between the opposing rail posts and screw it against the bottom portion of the unsightly and uneven 2x2 balusters.

I hope that is what you are referring to. This would look better and cover up the uneven lengths of the balusters.

If I've misinterpreted and someone else has another better or helpful idea - and I know there are a lot of experienced builders that read these pages - don't be shy to add something and help these people out.

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