BowJak Board Straightener

BowJak Board Straightener by Vaughan & Bushnell

When I first saw this tool I thought, "Hey, great idea. I remember doing that board straightening maneuver with just a hammer and my chisel on site but with all the trickiness to do it properly."

They just wrapped it all up into a simple tool that takes away all those headaches.

As long as you have access to an open joist, you're in business.

You hammer the tooth into the joist, pull on the bar and it pushes the board into line.

Simple, and lightweight at only 26oz.

No extra accessories are required. Works on single or laminate joists. So for a guy who knows he will only ever need to do this one task this could be your tool. And great price for as little as $40.

But it may not be for everyone because it only pushes.

They say you can work it hands free but I found to do so requires you set your nail into the board first, pull the tool and with your other hand nail it down. Takes a bit of practice but you will get it.

It doesn't necessarily work with T&G boards easily but you could use it with hidden fastener tracks because it doesn't require a joist gripper.

You can't use it with a rubber water proofing system where you would drape the rubber sheathing over the joists.

As long as you don't foresee a need for that, then it's not a problem.

But for a simple straight forward tool, it’s one of cheapest and simply designed and well made tools on the market. Learn More...

MSRP $40-$65

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