Brite Manufacturing Hidden Fastener Boards

by John C
(Waterford, Michigan )

I purchased a house which has a 48 x 8" hidden fastener composite deck on the rear of the home. There are several boards which are damaged or not fastened correctly so my plan was to remove the few damaged boards and add in replacements.

My problem is that now that I own the home I've come to discover the boards are a very obscure size and brand.

Brite Manufacturing 5 1/2" wide by 1-1/4" thick. They have a 3/4" groove on the side for hidden fasteners and are hollowed out internally with 4 circular channels and 2 narrow vertical channels.

I've tried to do some research on them and it looks like Brite was making this product in Canada and then closed up shop several years ago. There's an Australian company that may have picked them up but I'm in the US.

I need to replace maybe 10-20% of the decking, if I can't find an exact match board, I'm thinking of doing a A/B pattern to utilize the material already there. I'd like to try and keep cost down and utilize as much of the existing material as possible. The issue I'm struggling with the most is the dimensions. If I can't find the 1-1/2" is there a way to use a shim on the boards to match thickness? Even with a hidden fastener setup?

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