Building a Sunroom on a Deck

by Doug

Is it possible to build a 4 season sunroom on a deck that is 9ft off the ground. If so what would the load rating be . What size footings would I need. The room would be 12x16.

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Oct 08, 2008
Do It Yourself Sunroom
by: Tim

Have a look at to see how I built my DIY sunroom.

Apr 16, 2008
Tips for Building A Sunroom Deck
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Building a four season sunroom on an elevated deck can be done but raises some building issues to consider. Rooms which have exposed floors are notoriously cold. You will have to insulate very well or you will have a cold room in the winter.

A four season room really is much more than a deck. It has to be connected and integrated seamlessly with the walls, exterior siding and roofing with flashing back to the siding. The connection to the ledger will be very important. It will be considered part of the house by the local building department.

I am willing to bet you will have to build a footing that is well below frost line, at least 8" thick and maybe even 24" wide just just like for your foundation walls of your house to support this deck. Most residential foundations are designed to hold at least 2000 psi.

But if the entire structure rests on only 2 or 3 support posts the footings would have to be built much stronger to take this increased load. The last thing you need is a sunroom that moves up and down with the seasons.

Try for some simple but effective software for loading requirements. I can't guess your loads off hand. Hope this helps. Anyone else with good advice please add your comments.

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