Bulding a deck around a tub

by Billy Sharpstick
(Tampa FL, USA)

A friend gave me a hot tub(about 7'6" x 7'6", 500 gallons?) that was originally mounted in a wooden freestanding frame. The frame itself pretty much disintegrated during the move. I plan to mount it flush(or possibly with the rim a foot above deck level) in the deck that I plan to build around it.

It looks like the main weight is concentrated at the bottom well that is about three feet square.

The deck will be either freestanding, or possibly connected to the side of the house. The ground is well drained sandy soil. It is in central Florida.

My current plan is to put some heavy concrete square 24" pavers set in the ground for the base of the tub to rest on. Optionally a poured foundation if necessary.

I plan joists at the four edges to support the tub. I think the main weight will be at the base and all that is needed at the edges is for stabilization and to keep it level. Brace posts underneath the corners should be enough for support.

The hardware side will be toward the nearest edge of the deck so I can reach it. (On my previous hot tub, I re-plumbed it so all the plumbing and controls were outside the deck where I could reach it easily. I'll probably do that here too.)

Also in the plans, a sloped roof to shed weather and leaves and a screen enclosure.

I have no previous experience doing this. Am I on the right track?

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