Thirty-two cabin deck footings, Post and beams installed in A Weekend - by one man!

Pennsylvania cabin deck footings

a PENNSYLVANIA cabin deck needed an addition and the titan deck Foot Anchor proved to be the right choice

This is a real case study of a how a home owner just like you tackled a 60' x 8' deck addition to an existing deck at his cabin in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.  A cabin deck with thirty-two footings is a big job and as you are about to see, it would have taken four or five days to dig, mix and set all the concrete according to Tim.

about the builder

Tim is 51 years old and from Pittsburgh, PA.  Having built decks before, he always dug holes and poured cement.  This time he realized the job did not require concrete footings.

Time is the one thing you don't get more of 

Tim was kind enough to contact us and share his experience with us.  He said, "The biggest advantage of your product to me, at this point in my life, is time and ease of  installation.  I don’t have the physical stamina to dig 30 holes 36” deep, mix the concrete and set the posts."

let's let tim explain how he built this deck

"Overall the installation was good.  After the first couple we figured out the methodology to make things go quickly. The only issues we ran into were when we encountered rock or very dense clay which took us some time to work hrough."

Pro Tip: You can easily retract the auger if you hit a rock you cannot get around.  Move over a bit and drive it down again.

New deck addition with treated wood decking.

Deck Footings, Beams And joists made the structure very strong

Renovated deck running on side of house.
Side deck view of Pennsylvania cabin deck.

"I have to say that I was initially worried about instability since I had always anchored posts in concrete in the past.  But once the beams were set on my notched posts, and the joists on top of that, and the deck boards on top of that, everything got stronger with each layer of material."

"The end result is a strong 60’ x 8’ L-shaped deck that tripled our outdoor living area at our summer cabin in the forest.  And I did it largely by myself (I did ask for some help with your anchors just because of my unfamiliarity).  Five complete working days for the entire deck. Only a single working day for the posts.  Not bad for a 51 year old guy."

"I gotta say, had I used concrete instead of your product, it would have taken over twice as long – and that is assuming that my body would have held out long enough to even complete the job in the first place."

The footings, framing and decking are done

"The biggest advantage of your product to me, at this point in my life, is time and ease of installation.  Not so much financially.  I say this because at this point in my life I have the money to spend on either your product or concrete."

"But I don’t have the physical stamina to dig 30 holes 36” deep, mix the concrete and set the posts.  I mean I could get it done."

"Honestly setting the posts the traditional way would have taken me three days alone, and I would have been a physical wreck at the end of that process – and still had all the rest of the deck to finish."

"Your product made it possible for me to do what I wanted to do in the time I had to do it, and I did it myself which I take a lot of pride in."

View of deck once decking boards installed.
Cabin deck ready for railing.

All of this completed in the first two days

Footings installed and deck ready for decking boards.

"I am attaching a picture after day two of the build.  I am amazed how much I was able to get done in the first 2 days, which allowed me to rock and roll afterwards.  I couldn’t have done it without your product. That is an absolute truth."

"Couldn't be any more satisfied. Rarely does a product do exactly what you think it will do, but yours does. It allowed me to finish my project in record time, and it is solid as a rock."

tim had a few final words about his cabin deck and footings

"Your Titan Deck Foot Anchors™ are awesome to work with. I wanted to wait a full year before reviewing and I can say it's the best post anchoring system I've ever used. Even in my younger years the fastest I could drill thirty-two holes and set thirty-two posts with concrete would have been four or five days. I did all thirty-two with your product in one day, allowing me to knock out the beams and joists in the same weekend."

Tim Doyle - Pittsburgh, PA

Ultimate Deck Foot eGuide

A Deck renovation project like this is something you can do by yourself

If you have a cabin, or a cottage, or a hunting camp or whatever you might call it, the Deck Foot Anchor might just be the perfect solution for expanding an old deck just like Tim did.  Make sure you have a rough idea what your soil conditions are like because there is no guarantee that it will work like it did for Tim if your soil is laden with rocks.

If you want to test your soil why not buy a single auger and test it on your soil before you commit to a large order? 

Don't dread installing deck footings anymore.  You should be excited!  The Deck Foot Anchor is a great deck footings solution for most residential decks.  Now go build that deck!

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