Can Titan Deck Foot Replace Concrete Footings?

by John
(Suffern, NY)

What info do you have on getting the Titan Deck Foot system approved by local building codes that traditionally call for poured concrete footings?

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A good starting point to understand more is to read this article on the deck foot anchor and see if it is right for you.

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Aug 07, 2012
For Free Standing Decks and Structures
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

Our footing system is not intended to act as or replace a concrete below frost footing system and therefore remain immobile during freeze thaw cycles of the soil.

The Deck Foot is for free standing decks or structures.

It sits on the surface, although firmly connected to the soil and distributes load to the soil. It can't be easily pulled out so it can be used in places where a surface sitting block could not because high winds can lift up the deck and the blocks.

The footing system is designed to comply with Section R 403.1.4.1 exception 3 of the IRC for free standing decks.

We ultimately will be getting an engineering letter specifying that application but it will take more time before we have that completed. But our engineering will not say that it is to replace concrete footings where the footing must resist uplift from frost.

If that is what you need you must use concrete below frost or hire a firm to bring in a back end loader with hydraulic drill and install engineered piers to bedrock or to a specified torque resistance and engineers sign off. All more expensive options but required for some structures. This is not required for free standing decks.

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