Cedar Decks - Care and Maintenance Tips

Cedar decks are very popular in almost every area of the country. In fact, if you take a look at our gallery of deck pictures you will see what I mean.  The majority of decks have been build with cedar. 

What Makes Cedar Decks So Popular?

Cedar grain pattern

Western red cedar is know for its excellent weatherability and resistance to the elements.

Cedar is like a cousin of redwood but is slightly less expensive. It too is becoming more scarce and so longer lengths are more expensive per foot than shorter lengths. 

Cedar is a soft wood and easy to work with and soft to the touch. It also has a beautiful natural color which changes to grey after exposure to the sun.

Cedar and Longevity

It has become more common to see younger second growth cedar which if it contains more sapwood than heartwood is slightly less resistant to the weather.

But overall cedar is an excellent and beautiful outdoor material for decks.


Cedar decks require regular maintenance or they will not last as long as they should. Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant, constant moisture, freezing and thawing, wet and dry conditions will age the wood.

So every Spring and Fall you should clean your cedar deck and protect the deck surface. I have written a thorough article on the various aspects of deck cleaning, particularly cleaning wood decks.  Feel free to read it for further tips.

Bottom line is with a little regular care, you will find cedar decks can last 15 years or more depending on the level of care given and the climate.

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