Composite Railings Offers Style And Low Maintenance

Over the last ten years composite decking materials have paved the way for unique composite railings systems to follow.

Corner detail of composite railing

Composite railings are made from a combination of wood and synthetic plastics. Many of the products have great color and texture and of course require very little or zero maintentance.

Polyethylene composite material has more flex than polypropelene materials and therefore railing sections usually require more support to prevent bottom rails from sagging.

Corner bracket detail of composite rail connection

Also, some railing systems come with complete pre-cut balusters, top and bottom rails and connectors. Other composite materials are sold like lumber where you have to cut each piece to length and install it using course wood screws.

Baluster to deck attachment

Posts are usually surface mounted and can either be notched to secure into the deck framing and joists and then are covered with a composite shell and post cap or are proprietary post anchor is provided.

Keep in Mind

When you choose a composite railing consider these issues:

  • do you like the texture?
  • do you like the available colors and how much do they fade?
  • do you like the style and designs available?

You'll pay more but you will likely never have to touch your railing again. That is pretty nice.

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