Concerned about deck support...

I have just had a deck built. It is 12ft. wide by 48ft. long. Attached to the house by a 2 by 12 ledger. Outside beams are also 2 by 12. Floor joists are 2 by 8-- 16" apart.

My deck is approx. 6 foot high. My concern is that there are only 4-- 6 by 6 posts set in concrete across the front. There is not any down the center of the deck.

Should there be more support post under the deck?

My last deck collapsed and I specifically ask this contractor for extra support. He says that you can park a car on the deck or put a hot tub on it without any problem. I'm sure right now you probably could but I am worried about how the structure will do over time.

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Sep 06, 2010
Deck load calculation
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

We are just finishing a really cool and helpful calculator that will tell you whether the size of your footings based on the soil bearing capacity, the number of support posts and the design load of your deck is based on.

I haven't told my techies to upload it yet because I am still playing with it and want it to be perfect! So hang in there folks. But, for this gentleman, if you would like fax me your drawing with all the measurements and I can calculate the force or load that will be directed to each footing. You can then compare that to what your soil bearing capacity is in your local area.

Your building department should be quite familiar with this.

As I say, in another couple weeks I will have this calculator working perfectly and everyone can use it to their hearts content.

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