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Jun 04, 2010
Rules of Thumb for Concrete Installations
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

For installing Titan post anchor on concrete surfaces, a good ballpark is 1.5" from the edge of the concrete. With older concrete you can probably creep in a bit closer because concrete gets stronger with age. Another thing to consider is if the concrete has lots of aggregate (stone) in it. It will be stronger.

If it is a finer concrete with more Portland cement and less aggregate it will crumble easier. But in most cases concrete poured by a builder comes right of the mixing truck and is quite consistent and is made of 1" minus stone.

Pre drill the concrete using a single anchor as a template to locate the holes and be absolutely sure each hole is lined up property. You only get one chance to drill concrete holes.

If you use a long screw, like 3" or longer you should only need one in each corner. Tapcons are fine but there are lots of brands available. Drill at least 1/2" deeper than the length of the screw into the concrete.

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