Is Composite Decking right for your backyard?

Creating Your Dream Backyard - Composite Decking Benefits

As your choices of deck materials increases, it is worth remembering some of the most important benefits you will enjoy from the various composite decking on the market today.

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The past ten years have brought big improvements to the durability, appearance, and beauty of composite and synthetic decking.  

We thought it might be helpful to summarize some of the main benefits when you choose a composite material.  And who better to give an insider's viewpoint than someone who makes the stuff.

About The Author

Brent Gwatney is Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing for MoistureShield composite decking and serves on the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) board of directors.  Brent has kindly offered to share his expert knowledge to our DecksGo visitors about the benefits of using the latest advanced composite decking materials.

Brent, take it away...

how does composite decking compare to wood?

Walk out composite deck with curved stairs and wet bar below

What's The Difference From Wood?

You have probably seen composite decking options at your local hardware store or lumberyard, and likely have wondered how these products compare to wood decking.

Tropical grain and coloration of synthetic deck boards

The Perfect Combination Of Wood And Plastic

In your search for information, a good first question to answer is: What is a composite board?

Composite decking boards typically combine wood and plastic to create boards that can be used for virtually any decking project and require less long-term maintenance than wood. 

Long Life Span, Minimal Upkeep and Warrantied for Your Confidence

Built to last, some composite deck manufacturers offer warranties, like MoistureShield’s limited lifetime warranty that can not be matched by most wood decking.

This assurance of quality and safety has pushed more homeowners to switch to composites for their decks, docks, and other outdoor living spaces.

Visible Or Invisible Fastening

A close up view of a hidden fastener deck clip and grooved composite board

Most composite boards can be installed using the same tools used when working with wood, keeping your installation process simple.

Installation times can also be cut by using hidden fasteners that fit with grooved-edge composite boards and attach using a pneumatic gun, eliminating steps in your building process.

And No Routine Sanding, Staining Or Sealing

Unlike traditional wood decks, once your composite deck is installed, the most difficult work is over. There is no need for routine painting, staining, or sealing, leaving more time for you to enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space.

Incredible Beauty That Mimics Nature

In the past, the main downfall of composites was their lack of natural beauty.

Homeowners complained that composite boards lost the look and the overall warmth of the natural grains found in wood, appearing more like hard plastic.

Vivid Visual And Textural Grain Detail - That Lasts

To address this concern, manufacturers have developed ways to create composites that mimic that natural grain found in wood deck boards.

Detail view of grain and texture on a composite cap stock board

Available in a variety of colors, composite boards are now made to match or even exceed the beauty of traditional wood boards and they are designed to maintain their color much longer.

Many Colors, Textures, To Create The Look You Are Searching For

Pale gray composite boards with highlighted grain and built in bench seat

The combination of wood and plastic in composite boards reduces the amount of long-term maintenance necessary to keep your deck looking its best.

Two Types Of Composite Boards

Composites come two ways: capped or uncapped.

A capped composite board boasts an added layer of protection against fading and staining.

That said, some manufacturers have now developed technology to fully encapsulate wood fibers in recycled plastic, protecting each board to the core even without a cap.

A curved bench made of composite material

Composite boards are also more resistant to warping, twisting and splitting, allowing you to have more confidence in the safety of your deck.

create a dream backyard space with Years of minimal Upkeep

Do It Once - And Stop Dreading The Annual Spring Clean Up

After your deck is built, you will no longer need to spend time cleaning and resealing every year.  Your annual maintenance is drastically reduced. 

A composite deck means less upkeep, which leaves you more time to enjoy your dream backyard.

You will really understand and appreciate this if you have ever owned a wood deck.

Brent Gwatney is also on the board of directors of North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA).  He lives and breathes this area of building products and we hope if you are just beginning your exploration of the various materials, that you now have a better understanding of the benefits of composite decking.

You can learn more about Brent's company MoistureShield and explore the details of these materials further. Or just click the Go Learn button below.

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