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by Mark
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

It is fair to state, that no two decks are alike. No two customers are alike, therefore, each job/quote is based on numerous factors.

First of all, we never give any quote over the telephone. Site visits are mandatory, as experience has proven that no two backyards or front yards are of equal terrain.

Secondly, we are not a "discount designer or builder". As the saying goes.."You only get what you pay for".

Our continued reputation is founded by not only what we build/design, but also how we build it. The foundation is the key to structural longevity and structural integrity. We do not cut corners per say nor do we get into price wars with competitors.

We have absolutely no problem with anyone who wants to tackle any deck installation on their own, however and unfortunately, we have "re-built" many "I did it myself with a few friends to save on labor costs".

We have also heard on way too many occasions, that the customer went on the advise of their local contractor desk at Home Depot, Lowe's or any other building supplier.

We do give credit where it is due, and with all due respect to the aforementioned suppliers, their advise does not take into consideration the following crucial factors:

1. Topography; access; existing structures; pools ( above ground or in-ground); utilities; local building codes; permissible and allowable lot coverages; high table water lands, etc.

2. Size of proposed deck/structures, what's going on top of the deck, custom designs, staircases, railings, lifestyles, weather conditions, etc.

One of the most annoying issues we deal with are homeowners who try to "micromanage" our work. If we charged per hour per man, we can sit and chat with them all day long at their expense, but we do not work that way. You hired us to do the job right, professionally and with expertise.

Material selections are solely based on what is being built. Most foundation/under-laying structures are built with P.T. Almost all supports are sol-nar tube based ( minimum 4 1/2") with one bag of drainage stone and specific post home concrete. We prefer to submerse the actual post into the ground for stronger support and we let it sit for 48 hours.

Yes, we do use deck blocks, but only on smaller decks or ones that are no higher then 15" above grade. We also believe that a deck and it's foundation "should breath", so we prefer to leave "some breathing room" around the skirting of the deck as well. Closing in the skirting increases humidity, dry rot and allows for potential mold, no matter what material you use.

Decks, Gazebo's, Cabana's, Pergolas, Play Structures is what we breath, design and build every business day.

If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur!

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Jul 07, 2013
Comment Response
by: Mark

My official position at "Decks By Design Inc." is that of a Project Manager.
Should you wish to discuss your project intentions or brain storm some creative and interesting ideas, I can be reached at 1-647-466-1086 or drop yours truly an e-mail

Jul 06, 2013
How do we contact you?
by: Michael

I appreciate your philosophy on cost and design for building. But where are you located? Do you have a website or a phone number? You mentioned you are in the Toronto area.

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