Deck built on top of coping of above ground pool

by Susan
(Niagara, Ontario)

We hired a deck builder who came highly recommended. We need to build a deck one 21 inches down from our existing deck to get into our above ground pool.

We have an 18/33 feet above ground salt water pool. Because of the shape of the supports on pool that are curved we agreed to have the deck built over lip of the pool but at least 2 inches above the coping so we could secure our winter cover that ties in at the base of the supports on the pool and forms a drum.

We did research and asked for advice and were told that this indeed could be done.

Deck builder has built directly on top of coping with deck resting on the supports. Not only can we not put on the winter cover now but we also will have to deconstruct much of the deck when we need to change the liner.

Deck builder has suggested notching the ledger boards (2X6 laid vertical) by 2 inches to accommodate this. We have said no.

Is there another solution other than deconstructing the deck and cutting new posts and putting the deck top back on??

P.S. - we live in an expensive country house. Stress we wanted quality deck that looked great. We have a half built hot mess now that has been described as a dogs breakfast by neighbors.

I would rather fix the mess properly not have some solution that just makes it look worse.

Any suggestions??

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Aug 29, 2012
Can you hold back final payment?
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

Have you paid the contractor the final installment yet? If not, hold it back and don't give it over until the job is done right. This does not sound like the job was done properly. In the Niagara region you can also have frost some winters that can cause the footings to heave unless they are set below frost level.

I don't see any solution to this other than a partial re-build to get the clearance you need. It seems so clear they way you describe it. If the contract calls for a 2" clearance and they didn't provide it they have not met one of the critical terms.

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