Deck Devil Board Straightener

Deck Devil

Board Straightener by Titan Building Products

I'll tell you I am biased about this product because my company developed it. But I've tried to stick to the facts and fairly describe all the other great tools on the market.

Some of them may be the perfect choice for you.

But let me tell you why I think the Deck Devil Board Straightener offers an exceptional value compared to all the other tools - and then you can be the judge.

The Deck Devil does everything the other tools do - and much MORE! You're not limited to one task.

It uses a telescopic tube with internal threaded rod to actuate a piston that pushes or pulls boards. And at only 4 lbs and 15" long it fits easily in any tool box without any clutter.

And there's a built in safety mechanism to let it spin freely so you can't over torque!

Just connect it to any variable speed drill and get over 1000 lbs of precise, controlled force.

No muscle power required!

Push or Pull The Nastiest Boards into Submission

It's secure wherever you stop it allowing you freedom to fasten the board to the joist with top down, underside or hidden fasteners.

It straightens the toughest boards with virtually no effort - Ipe, composite, pine, synthetic. Hardwood is simply no match for it.

And you get hands free simplicity so you can work by yourself.

Its rotating head allows it to firmly grip any  nasty board and is perfect for curved fascia applications.

Its rotating head makes it perfect for pulling in stiff fascia boards - even around curved framing.

It comes with a joist adapter and extension tube for an even greater range of tasks.

Straightens joists in floor framing.

Pulls rim joists and floor joists together.

Pushing heavy T&G plywood sheething together.

Lifts heavy laminated beams for precise alignment.

Stiff composite facsia boards or hardwood deck planking is no match for the precise controlled power of the Deck Devil.
Pulling or pushing floor joists into precise line is easy!
The joist adapter allows the Deck Devil to pull perpendicular boards together.
The joist adapter allows the Deck Devil to easily push heavy T&G sheething for a - no damage - precision fit.
The Deck Devil was the perfect solution for this situation.  No room to strike the floor sheething with a mallet.  Deck Devil to the rescue!
It's like a third hand on a job site allowing you to be more precise and in control on tricky jobs like this.
It won't damage undermount fastener track or membranes draped over the joists because it doesn't need to clamp onto joists.

No Other Tool is as Versatile

It also allows you to straighten boards where underdeck waterproofing systms are used.

This is great because you don't want to damage the membrane over the joist. And the Deck Devil works from on top so there is no problem.

Its also lightweight so you can use it over head to pull in crooked T&G paneling.

Everything is Included

What I found, and you will too, is that many of the other tools have accessories you have to buy separately. That can easily double the original price of the tool.

And because of the way they work, they still can't do as many things. But as I say, you will be the judge.

So for $74 it does more than any other tool with no other back end costs. Go learn more!

MSRP - $74

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