Deck Framing - Beams on top of footing (not enough space for post)

by Jake
(Toronto, Canada)

I am a newbie and trying to build a deck (no experience).

The deck that I am planning to build is only 23" above ground. It will be a floating/free standing deck. I am using Azek deck boards (1" thick), 2X10 PT joist on top of two 2X10 PT beam. The footing will be concrete 11" diameter, 48" below grade to protect from the Canadian weather.

The deck board and joist and beams will add to 19.5" inches. Factoring in 1" for post stand off, the overall height is 20.5" leaving only 2.5'(23" less 20.5"=2.5"), which I believe is not enough for a post.

How can I address the gap of 2.5"? Can I make the concrete footing to be above ground by 2.5" and then attach a post base connector to the footing and then attach/rest the beam on the post base?

I was planning to use the Simpson ABU66 post connector for attaching the beam to the footing. Is this the right one?

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May 31, 2010
Try smaller joists and beams
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

My first thought is do you have to use 2x10 joists and beams? If not, you can use 2x8 in both areas and save 3" extra. Deck boards, joist and beams should add up to about 16.5" and you have 20.5" to work with to the grade.

The Simpson post connector should work fine but if it is the one with a 1" stand off don't forget to subtract that from your overall distance you are working with.

You don't need to use such large joists or beams in your case I don't think. Larger joists allow for greater spans but you can often achieve as similar span but using a smaller joist spaced closer such as 12" on center.

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