Editorial - Deck insider Spring 11

This is a copy of the opening editorial Deck Insider Spring 11 - our first ever newsletter!  If you are interested in hearing from Rich once in a while on matters of building and industry updates or notice of the odd sale at our store for newsletter subscribers only, do sign up in the sign up form to the right.

Start With A Good Foundation

When I started out as a carpenter building fences and decks I was a student. Just trying to make some money over the summer months to pay for my tuition.  I never thought my initial leap into business would lead to such a great adventure.

Those early years of hands on problem solving allowed me to improve my technical skills, my sense of design, code knowledge and my business practices. There's no substitute for starting at the very bottom and working your way up.

It also lead to opportunities to solve problems my customers were facing in the field which gave me a chance to try to solve some of them. All the while, really loving building things for homeowners like YOU or your clients.

No way would I have predicted I would build a website that continues to grow and introduce new products to help others homeowners and builders alike. Many of you no doubt are growing successful businesses with similar sounding stories, and I salute you.

Or you're a homeowner with an avid interest in learning about deck building and improving your home, your biggest investment. I commend you.

So all of this has now led to the point where I am now writing the opening editorial for the very first issue of the new e-zine newsletter the Deck INSIDER.

It will only be published three times a year.  I am a busy guy just like you so I can't commit to much more than that for now. You also don't want to be bombarded with useless emails so I figured Spring, Summer and Fall would be more than enough.

That's also just about right for being able to give you a summary of the new ideas, developments, and products appearing in the industry.

I have some great guest writers lined up who will be sharing their professional insight into all things related to deck building. There will be a feature article on a current topic, and builder tips that guys are using and can be insightful.

So thanks for indicating your interest and I look forward to speaking to you a few times each year. Be sure to watch the site for updates and read the next issue of the Deck INSIDER for introductory offers.

If you find it easier to follow us on Facebook please add to your account as we often chat there and link articles as well.

Have a great building season!

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