Lots of Deck plans to get you started

"Building without a plan is planning to fail."

Any DIYer will love these as they contain full construction detailed drawings and are compliant with residential codes and best building practices.  

A range of sizes and based on simple shapes that can easily be modified to suit your individual flare and taste.

  • Professionally drafted and designed
  • Detailed construction drawings
  • Full plan view of footings, beams, joists, decking and more...
  • 2D perspective view
  • 14"x17.5" Size, PDF format
  • 3/8"=1' scale

At DecksGo we not only want to give you lots of helpful information on the various aspects of construction and design but a real road map.

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what Your Plans Include

Printable to 14"x17.5" paper with accurate details on all aspects of framing, connections, footing locations, and detailed stair construction techniques so you can choose exactly where you want your stairs to go to perfectly fit your backyard.

2D Perspective Sketch

A real 2D perspective sketch gives you a realistic view of the structure of your deck.

And with an embedded link to our Free Stair Calculator tool in each plan and the included stair drawing details, you can customize and place stairs wherever you wish with ease. 

Post And Footing Layout

Post and footings located based on accepted beam and joist spans as recommended by the American Wood Council.

If your soil conditions vary, you can easily modify the layout using our embedded link in each plan for our Free Footing Calculator.

Beam And Joist Plan

A comprehensive joist layout with beam and footing placement and overhang determined exactly for each of the deck plans sizes available.

Step By Step Explanations of important Details

Decking, Railing Details

Bring it all together with a very detailed layout showing decking board orientation, joist and beam, footing and railing post layout.

Post And Footings

All deck plans include very detailed drawings with full notation on footings, piers and the all important post to concrete connection for safety and longevity.

Ledger Connection Details

As you may know, ledger connected decks - if you choose to build that way - have to be built right. This is an emerging area of debate among the industry.

You will get the latest prescriptive recommendations as set out by the American Wood Council for you safety.

You can breathe easy with the tough stuff explained with full illustrations.

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Plans... Plus A Helping Hand

Building Tips Delivered For Your Success

To help you execute your plan, you will get a helpful tip once a week for several weeks on some of the most critical aspects of construction.  

Short and sweet.  Just to help.

Like a mini deck building course.

And then about 3 times a year you will receive the INSIDER update on things happening in the industry or advancements in building methods. So you will never be bombarded.

Just helping you along the way to a successful project!

If you are new to construction, it doesn't get any more clear than this. You can easily follow these and succeed your first crack at the bat!

Some Other Helpful Tips

The choice is yours. If you have a knack for design, try drafting your own. We have a great article on how to draft your own plans

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