Deck Railing Ideas That Add Interest

Simple deck railing ideas like these for top and bottom rails can enhance the look of your deck.

Here are some inexpensive ideas for your deck railing to differentiate your deck railings from your neighbors.

If you are working with wooden railings, you can make top rails from 2x4s or 2x6s. They can be placed flat (horizontal) or on edge (vertical).

Mix And Match Post And Top Rail Sizes.

Get maximum visual interest from simple wooden railing by incorporating a 6x6 post at corners, 4x4 post mid run.

Then have posts site above or below the top rail and see what looks best.

The Artistic Effect of Top Rails

No matter whether you prefer 2x4s or 2x6s, they both work.

A 2x6 top rail has the benefit of width and can be place over top intermediate posts thus making a stronger railing.

Notice how the balusters are 5/4"X2-1/2" rectangle shape and are set into the railing in sets or triplets.

Who says you can't make a wood rail look contemporary and stylish?

You can also let each post to protrude above the top rail as seen in this composite railing system with lighted post caps.

It's a more traditional look, a bit busier but may be perfect for a more stately architectural style.

If the deck is large enough and posts are spaced about 6' apart, the balance looks nice.

If rail sections are tighter, say 5' or less, the sheer number of posts sticking up can become a focal point - good or bad.

So decide if you want the railing to be more noticeable or let the view take the spot light.

Post And Top Rail Ideas

Continuous top rail small posts

A continuous 2x4 of 2x6 top rail with 4x4 posts.

Continuous top rail with alternating protruding posts

A continuous top rail with intermitting posts and caps.

Intermittent protruding small posts

Intermitting posts with caps for each section.

Intermitting large posts with continuous top rail

A continuous top rail with 6x6 posts and caps intermittent every third section.

Simple But Thoughtful Design Ideas

Wood may be the most common material to use but with these basic deck railing ideas you can spice up anything.

Allowing every second or third post to stick up above the top rail can be a very nice touch especially if you allow only corner posts to protrude. It tends to emphasize the corners and the shape of the deck.

You are now armed with some deck railing ideas and a sense of style. Go forth and make it happen!

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