Consider Deck Stair Lighting

Not only does deck stair lighting look great, it makes your deck safer.

Stair riser lighting grates

This is the kind of lighting accessory that you will thank yourself for installing ever evening you sit out on your deck.

They illuminate a pathway for you and your guests as the light goes down, making is safer and easier to see where you are going.

But best of all, they emphasize the shape of the structure and in a very subtle way.

It's a great design touch for any deck. Low voltages lighting systems are the typical way to go.

So just plug in the transformer underneath the deck and run the wires around the framing below.

Truly one of the simplest lighting options you can do all by yourself.

Wide Stair Cases Look Super

A cable stair rail with stair lighting.

Run a wire under each bullnose.

A wide stair case as shown on this deck comes alive when illuminated in the evening.

There are various strengths of light depending on much light you are looking for.

During the day the cable rail makes it stand out. In the evening the focus switches to the stair case itself and shows the way for anyone walking around. Perfect pathway lighting.


Pressure treated deck stairs with lights

Cascading stairs really look nice when illuminated.

The beauty of a geometrically shaped cascading stair case is plain to see in the day light. But once the sun drops, its less prominent.

Installing deck light grates on the risers of the stairs in key locations gently lights up the area and presents its shape once again.

This kind of system is simple to install as long as you an gain access to underneath the deck framing to run the low voltage wires.

Shine A Little Light On Those Stairs

When it comes to shining light on your posts, there are great choices.

Don't under estimate the beauty of adding deck stair lighting as you plan and design your deck.

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